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Chinese Academy of Sciences,

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difficulties. "1998, Luo Jun research team made a 105ppm (ppm: parts per million) relative accuracy of measuring G results. In 2009, his team turn the G measurement accuracy up to 26ppm, has become one of the world's seven on the accuracy of better than 50ppm result is the most accurate value of G using torsion pendulum cycle method measured. The results are also recommended by the International Committee on Data for Science and Technology CODATA values ??included, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology HUST name abbreviation."At the other end is equivalent to a 1 meter rod, put the weight of one millionth of a speck of dust can also be measured." Luo Jun year doctoral student, is currently China HKUST, deputy director of the center of gravity experiments painted to give good Southern reporter called for example, "You can imagine to what extent the accuracy of measuring small."Chinese Academy of Sciences, Geodesy and geophysicists Houze Xu Du Bo Luo Jun mentor when he told the media commented Luo Jun, "to make a good result if the Nobel level!" Xu Houze said Luo Jun built from scratch in China HKUST gravitational physicnike flyknit max baratass lab, at home and abroad are very reputable. "Luo Jun measurement of the gravitational constant has been listed as one of the best of several measurements internationally, the

 international community has to take the average of these measurements as the best international standards; Luo Jun precision accelerometers research internationally important components, gravity satellite launch satellites to measure the Earth's gravitational gravitational field, is one of the most difficult space technology. "Personality"Should seriously play table tennis."Southern Reporter yesterday, a few Luo Jun connection flak student's phone, eat a cold shoulder. They tactfully but firmly told reporters, "The teacher is very low key." James Liang Cheng said Luo Jun mentor "seek not to let others know how he, his pursuit of the things to the extreme." He said how people look, Luo Jun do not care, but believe in "more work, less talk."Even Chinese Academy of Sciences elected in 2009, the mednike air max 90 hyperfuse españaia have failed to interview Luo Jun himself. His low-key only in November 2013 as a typical model, is the People's Daily, Guangming Daily and Economic Daily, several national media focused reported.Reporters learned that Luo Jun taught never read this, all the formulas are derived in their own classroom. 1999 has been to Hua Luo Jun mechanics

"internship" in diagnosis and treatment of medical students in internships, even if sometimes they already have the appropriate quality.On the one hand, according to the 1999 "Medical Practitioners" requirement, "without a physician practicing certificate by registration shall not engage in medical practice," practicing medicine without obtaining postgraduate qualifications can not work independently as residency, their faces illegal practice of clinical competence training risk; on the other hand, clinical education and professional degree standardized training of resident physicians belong to the education and health systems, after graduate clinical residency still retake standardized training."In fact, many of our teachers so that medical students have a strong hands-on teaching awareness, but such a provision like a pair of 'chains' of their hands and feet shackled." A person in charge of the Education Department, Zhongshan Hospital, said.Open this context, the need for education, "cross-bordernike air max 90 españa" cooperation in health two sectors. Focal topics, Fudan University, Professor Wang Ling said, leaders in charge of Shanghai, while in charge of education and health, in addition to the two departments, Human Resources and Social, financial, etc. BianBan each department must do this "cross-border"

HKUST students learn

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courses Sun HKUST students on this detail has memories.James Liang Cheng said the teacher Luo Jun good game of tennis, most people beat him. Wuhan local media has also reported that work until 23:00 on Luo Jun is a common practice,But he still maintains a strong effort, and sometimes also with a research team of young people playing basketball.There have been media reports, Luo Jun Zeng and Chinese golfers Sun Xueting HKUST students learn tennis, which evaluate the "men of God principals' solid basic skills, love study placement of the ball, play needs to match wits with him. And every time he was ready to hit the variable line before all love laughing, "attack" will succeed tnike air max 1 baratas  ongue, "like a naughty child."Branch great student evaluation, Luo Jun demanding for anything, table tennis is no exception. Luo Jun and once found himself playing good painted into absent-minded, could not help saying, "should seriously play table tennis."The great wall of China branch experimental center of gravity, it is said everywhere, "Ten To Ten prohibitions" criteria: "the state of the record to detailed experiments, allowed vague omissions; experiments to

validate the input conditions, are not allowed to exist hypothesis; the experimental process scheduled to demonstration, allowed arbitrary ...... "James Liang Cheng said, when Luo Jun nike air max 2014 hombre  personally write the rules of a strip out personally hanging wall. And he's also been a general treatise Luo Jun 17 times before and after the modification.Under the strict requirements Luo Jun, and several of his students for the fast-growing China HKUST new generation of academic leaders experimental center of gravity. Luo Jun said, "recruit students, we should let him make progress, to gain something, to accomplish something. I can not only do students leave the original direction, in order to develop the lab, I want to train them to open up new direction. "RepercussionsChina HKUST students: "Tears, academician male god gone"Last Saturday was "hearsay" from mentors, that will assume office Luo Jun, 2009 in the Department of Physics Dr. large College of Physics Science and Engineering Technologyalso specifically checked the advance under the new president of the information, and then it was "impressed" the.Due to the different areas of expertise, had not heard of this research, "Daniel." "He can do experiments persist so long in the cave, has been in research line, it is able to endure hardship is difficult to get
ospital of Fudan University, the Ministry of Education and Training has long been engaged main physician training, she told reporters that, under normal circumstances, after a medical master degree, must first find work in hospitals, compiled into the hospital, and then after at least two years residency standardized training, in order to pass the above "two cards."In other words, a seven - year medical graduate students, take at least nine years, in order to truly become an entry-level doctor. One problem is that if medical students finnike air max 2015 mujerd their own work unit is not strong academic teaching level is not high, his residency training level will be greatly reduced, and low quality of training, may be bad good seedling tree.Current practice is that after five years of undergraduate medical students graduate, you can go directly to the Ministry of Health approved the quality is almost the same hospital "work" for three years, instead of "internship." Three years, they can work side, while graduate school, while obtain two certificates. Their "establishment" in the local health center personnel to store, rather than at school.Standardized training hospital on them can also be disengaged "shackles" something more open. In the past, because the subject to the system, who did not dare let those in the hospital

SYSU Like xingzhou has started way

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ah." Huwen Yong for the new president has clearly experienced gains. He said Luo Jun's "most important thing is to do research norms" This sentence like "motto" like being Zhongshan University students passed, "Oh, he is very optimistic about ......" In addition to applaud, there are college students like friends @ boating SYSU Like xingzhou has started way back, "It seems to be molested in June graduation ceremony is this man God!"Amongnike roshe run mujer college students for more than an academician and excited when China HKUST campus actually a regret and dismay. "Transferred us an academician ah, since less of a fellow man of God ......" China HKUST Life Sciences 2012 doctoral Ying (a pseudonym) Evaluation Luo Jun, "He is very cattle in the physics community, with students are very Excellent, all students are feeling quite strict style of study. "Ying forget to emotion," This will be very large physically strong. ""Trees gone, no one covered up," Luo Jun Liang students painted as also joked. He said to Hua Luo Jun HKUST center of gravity experiments developed a relatively complete system and rules, when Luo Jun travel, they are often experimental

progress and work telephone communication. This time, the teacher was transferred to the Vice-Chancellor, "Just when he was going on a business trip, right ......" one lasted 11 years, the Education Reform, now finally taking shape. 2014, Shanghai has a 20-year colleges and universities in the history of the National Teaching Achievement Award Grand Prize awards for the first time to achieve "zero" breakthrough. Fudan University, led by Professor Wang Ling health policy research team, with "comprehensive reform of our exploration of clinical medical education and innovation -" 53 "Construction and Practice Mode" was above the national competitions for the Grand Prize.This sounds somewhat tedious task hidden behind a major reform issues - how to train a real "would see a doctor," the medical students. This issue, in 2003 initiated by Fudan University, to "adapt to the development needs of the medical and henike free 5.0 v4 precioalth, clinical medicine degree education reform" as the main direction, after six years of theoretical research, while in 2009 was put into practice - a clinical After 5 years of professional graduation, you can while doing residency, while postgraduate graduate, graduate school after three years, he was both a master's degree, but also to get the practitioner certificate and certificate of

residency training regulations. That is, after graduate school, he can become a true, independent with a patient's doctor.In other words, this reform will significantly reduce the "Dr. Gao Suzhi" this "product" factory production time.In accordance with past practice, a 5-year medical school graduates at the bachelor's degree, at least 1 year experience in hospital "internship" in. This "practice", just give medical students an opportunity to learn about the hospital, rather than medical students how to teach a doctor. With the same, to pursu  nike air max thea hombree a master's degree in medical science phase, there is a corresponding hospital internship requirements, practice time is generally about six months. 7-year Accelerated Degree in Fudan University Clinical Medicine, for example, seven years, clinical internship required a medical student is generally about a year and a half.However, all these "practice" does not help students to become a medical doctor. From a medical student to become a real doctor, in addition to the medical professional academic degrees, but also "two card" - that is, a practicing physician and residency regulations certificate training certificate. Get these two license exam, service personnel are eligible only in the formal health institutions registered to participate.Children's H

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